1. Enumerate differences in a structure and properties of Cosmic rays in interplanetary space and near an earth's surface (2.1; 2.3; 2.4).
  2. Than differ Solar CR from Galactic CR? (2.1)
  3.  What happens to charged particles in Van Allen radiation belts? (2.1)
  4. Give definitions of terms "intensity" and "full flow" (2.1).
  5. Compare intensity in space (primary CR) and in your experiment on an earth's surface (secondary CR).(2.1; 2.5.).
  6. What main interactions happen to particles of CR in atmosphere?(2.2)
  7. Than the difference in absorption coefficients a soft and rigid component (2.3) is explained? Were these factors differed in your experiment ?
  8. Explain the operation principle of a telescope of charged particles and tell about its assignment. (2.6)
  9.  What is named as accidental coincidences? How to reduce their number? (2.6; 2.8.)
  10.  How to meter intensity of CR? (2.7)